Web Design Training Program
We make sure to help the students by developing a course outlet that covers both the simple and advanced level of information and details about the course. The designed course contains the introduction part along with the concepts like HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc. The entire course is divided into small modules for better learning by the students.Our Training experts provide learning resource like eBooks, software tools, best information, and training course syllabus details.
We are the best in Web Designing Courses in Jaipur. We take every steps to give the best learning skill with live project based training by our expert web designer Trainers. That’s why our training company are known as the best Web Designing Training Company in Varanasi and give the best knowledge to student or learners to analyse a right direction in the web designing industry.
Training Structure
About HTML4 and HTML5
Tags, Attributes, and Entities
Basic structure and execution of HTML
Creating web page layouts using table and div
Embedding video and audio
Framesets and Iframes
JavaScript and jQuery
About Javascript
Control Statements
Js popup boxes alert, confirm and prompt
Form validations
External Javascript
jquery library functions
jquery slider plugins
Introduction of CSS
CSS Box Model
CSS declarations and Selectors
Inline, Internal and External CSS
Add Attachment
Upload from Gallery
Take a Picture
Upload from File Manager